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We take from the world - bring to education!
PIPL Lyceum

Be part of an inspiring educational environment. Understand that knowledge is power that is always with you. To have the opportunity to be yourself and become the best version of yourself. Learn with pleasure in the environment of ambitious, intelligent and proactive people. Our creative community knows how to motivate students to give their best every day, encouraging them with their own experience.

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Why we are chosen

We develop skills in children that will help them succeed in the future and be harmonious individuals besides providing a solid foundation in knowledge and skills
PIPL Lyceum

The educational program of the lyceum is built on the concept of liberal arts, which dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, education was built on three pillars - grammar, rhetoric, dialectics. Today, we are building an innovative educational program based on the demands of the generations we work with.

Nadia and Mykhailo Dubchenko
Founders of PIPL.Lyceum

Who chooses us

These are people among whom you will definitely find yourself!
Who appreciates a strong environment
Our parents are people who understand the importance of choosing the right environment for a child, an environment of intelligent, ambitious and proactive people.
For whom education is a priority
Our parents are people for whom a good education for their children is a priority, and if they have to make a choice, they will always make it in favor of the child's opportunities.
With a proactive attitude
Our parents are people with a proactive life position, who take the maximum from life not only for themselves, but also for their children.
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Educational Lyceum program
PIPL Lyceum

The child-centered educational program of the lyceum covers humanities, social, natural and formal sciences, gives each student a choice, creating above all a safe space for trying - the first step to success.

Three whales innovativeness of the educational program

Author's courses

Author's courses are something that is not taught in a regular school. The author's courses are part of the main schedule.

  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Bussiness, career and leadership
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Native Speaker
  • Law
  • History of ucranian culture
  • Political studios
  • Engineering
PIPL Lyceum

Факультативи посилюють знання та навички, дозволяють практично застосувати та розширити знання з різних предметів та галузей. Студенти самостійно обирають факультативи, які вони обов’язково відвідують у другій половині дня.

  • Board strategy games
  • School parliament
  • School podcast
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Debate
  • Spanish Club
  • Deutsch Club
  • Cooking
  • Python programming

PIPL Lyceum
Project work

Project work is designed to strengthen personal competencies necessary for teamwork; for determining one's own interests in life, time management and the ability to bring started matters to a logical conclusion.

  • Special course on history
  • Psychology of cinema
  • Philately
  • Numismatics
  • A collection of fan fiction and other works
  • Electrical engineering
  • Biological tik-tok laboratory
  • Growing crystals
  • Architecture
  • PhysTech

PIPL Lyceum

Our team

Olga Dolaichuk
Academic director, Science&Technology teacher, Candidate of Science
Nadia Jus
English teacher, certified Cambridge trainer
Ulyana Mikhalchuk
Teacher of Physics & Chemistry
Tatyana Orel
Teacher of Social Science, Event manager
Marta Senyshyn
Teacher of Communication & Thinking
Tatyana Herchanivska
Mathematics teacher
Sviatoslav Turkanik
Curator of HighSchool

Tariff plan

* The final price, as well as the possibility of receiving discounts, must be clarified with the manager. Thank you for understanding!
What is included in the price?
Full day (08:30-19:00)
Full supply of textbooks, stationery, equipment
An individual workplace and storage room for storing textbooks and notebooks at school
Basic subjects of MES
Author's courses, electives, project work
Teacher consultations on specialized subjects
Preparation for Cambridge exams in English
Preparation for Goethe Institute exams in German
Preparation for ZNO and DPA
Consultation of a psychologist
Mentoring individual support
Fruit snack (apples, bananas, seasonal fruits)
Drinking water is freely available
Mobile platform ("school in a smartphone")
School events for children and parents
Meals (to choose from: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner)
Transfer (one way or both ways)
Groups and studios (extracurricular formats)
Cost of education**:
St. Zelena, 115a
St. Naukova, 5a
Per month:
375 у. о.
417 у. о
Per year:
4 500 у. о.
5 000 у. о.
Cost of education
St. Zelena, 115a**
Per month 375 у. о.
4 500 у. о.
Cost of education
St. Naukova, 5a**
Per month 417 у. о
5 000 у. о.
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**A one-time fixed entrance fee in the amount of 500 u.o. is additionally paid. There are also various rescheduling options, discounts - all details will be clarified by the manager after receiving your application.
PIPL Lyceum

Feedback from parents

PIPL Lyceum
We want to thank the teachers, the entire administration. The teachers treat the children very well. And this is the most important thing for us as parents...
Dmytro and Anna, parents of 2nd (English-speaking), 8th and 10th grade students

Portrait of our graduate

Самонавчається у полі свого інтересу
Спроможний до системного мислення
Спроможний до вільного творчого мислення
Спроможний до саморефлексії
Спроможний дбати про своє ментальне та фізичне здоров'я
Спроможний впливати на українську культуру
Здатен до співпраці та соціальної відповідальності

Frequently asked questions

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions about our work
What will the study be like in 2022/23: is it possible to study online, externally or in a family form of study?

From September 1, 2022, taking into account the war and all its consequences, we offer Ukrainian families 4 formats of education. This allows us to cover not only residents of Lviv, but also other families. In particular, those who live in other cities, but are interested in quality education, as well as those who were forced to find themselves abroad, but want to continue studying at our school, get a report card/certificate, and most importantly - follow the rhythm of Ukrainian education, so that it is easier for the child to continue schooling after returning.

You can read all the details about our 4 training formats here (https://pipllyceum.com/how-will-we-study-from-september-1/).

Who are our teachers?

Our team includes employees with appropriate professional education, teachers and psychologists with work experience.

We systematically organize specialized training and professional training for the team.

Teachers regularly undergo inspections and certifications.

How many children are there in the classes?

Each class has up to 16 students.

During the lesson, the teacher and the class supervisor are present in the classroom.

Are there any tests or exams to enter the school?

For future first-graders, we conduct an introductory assessment of the child's readiness for school. Its purpose is to help parents assess the feasibility of their child attending school in the current academic year. This is especially relevant for parents who hesitate to choose: preparation for school or first grade. If the assessment of readiness for all the main factors is positive, we recommend schooling already this year.

What skills do children develop at school?

In addition to studying basic subjects, we focus on the development of the following important skills in children:

  • critical and spatial thinking;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • psychology of communication;
  • leadership;
  • social responsibility;
  • cyber security;
  • human rights.
How long can a child stay at school?

We work from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In the afternoon, there are group classes and active leisure time for children.

Behavior during lessons and breaks

Students should work carefully in the classrooms during lessons and not disturb others. Students cannot refuse to complete the tasks set by the teacher. For the effectiveness of the educational process and in order not to interrupt it, students must remain in the classroom throughout the lesson. If there is an urgent need to leave, it can only be done with the permission of the teacher.

Students should behave carefully during breaks. Running during breaks is not allowed, because such behavior can harm the student or his environment. Also, students should move on the right side of the corridor or stairs.

Skipping classes

During the absence from school, the student can study remotely using remote access.

Please note that the educational process cannot be completely individual. For a full-fledged educational process of the 21st century, it is necessary to work in a group, solve problems together and cooperate.

A student who has been absent from school due to illness for up to 3 calendar days may attend school without providing a certificate from a doctor.

A student who has been absent from school due to illness for 3 days or more must provide an appropriate certificate from a doctor with recommendations regarding workload in physical education lessons with the specified deadline.

If the student is unable to attend school on any day due to illness or for any other reason known to the parents, a corresponding statement from the parents must be submitted before the start of the school day.

Material responsibility

Parents are financially responsible for damage to school property by their child.

Students are responsible for keeping their property. If a student loses any of his belongings, even valuable ones, the school is not responsible, but often the belongings are located, in which case they can be collected from the chests in the hall, and valuables from the administrator.

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